BB200 Reinforced BirdBlocker for Solar Panels 30m




This is the 200mm long tines BB200 version.

Why do solar panels need shielding from birds? Mainly because the yield of the panels is reduced when the ventilation underneath is obstructed by branches and nesting material. The warmer the panels get the lower the efficiency. It also protects the birds, stopping them getting caught in the wiring amongst other things.

So how do you prevent birds nesting under your panels?

BirdBlocker offers a 99% certainty that birds will not go underneath your array. With a new reinforced plastic, it’s a very quick, lightweight and easy solution to install. It also ensures:

  • Optimal ventilation is maintained for the best efficiency
  • Minimizes the risk of damage to the solar panel back sheet caused by branches
  • Reduces risk of fire
  • Minimizes noise pollution by the birds
  • UV resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Reduces clogged gutters due to litter on the roof
  • Improves the appearance on the roof due to less bird droppings
  • Robust and durable with a 10-year product warranty on the material
  • No screws or drills, so the warranty on the panels is retained

Sold in boxes containing 30 x 1 m lengths and 250 clips. Available in black.

Please note that BirdBlocker can no longer attach to the short edges of Trina Vertex panels unless you purchase this special clip.

If you’re interested in trying out in-roof PV options, that do away with the need to bird-proof your panels, but aren’t sure about using integrated solar, see our helpful info page on this increasingly popular technology.


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